Body Butters

Cold Shipping Strongly Recommended!

Our body butters are heat sensitive and can easily melt in warmer temperatures. Previously, we did not ship our body butters from May thru October to prevent melting, however, due to the overwhelming response from our customers, we had to find a solution so we did.

When ordering body butters from May thru Oct, we strongly recommend choosing FedEx 2 Day Shipping during checkout and adding a cold shipping kit to your order (purchase here) to minimize the risk of your order melting. We also recommend shipping to a location where someone can quickly bring the package inside the home (example work address instead of home). We cannot be held responsible for melted body butters so please, order at your own risk during the summer. 

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Vitality in a Jar

Loaded with 100% pure, natural ingredients that contain antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids and plant essences, our luxurious body butters were specifically formulated for your delicate skin.

Our body butters have a thick, creamy consistency with no water or alcohol. A small jar may last twice as long as store-bought lotion as just a little goes a long way. Our tallow body butters are formulated to hydrate and replenish and can enhance the appearance of your skin after just one use! Use as a daily moisturizer and apply liberally to any dry, cracked or broken skin that needs a little extra love. 

Quality and Purity Matters