About Us

Our Mission is to:

Bring the POWER OF NATURE into Daily Routine™


Our primary goal is to educate ourselves and others about how to use ALL of nature's gifts in our daily routines. We do this by constantly learning about herbs, essential oils and foods. We then share this knowledge through the formulation of our 100% natural products along with our monthly newsletter. Our products are in the purest, least refined state that we could possibly find, but our search continues for better and better ingredients. 

We have carefully tested and researched our suppliers (and continually do so...on the sly...) to ensure that what they provide us are up to the same purity standards we strictly adhere to. We pay a premium price for the ingredients we choose to use in our products and we WILL NOT compromise on quality.

soaps-with-wording.jpgWe believe the power of nature is what's needed in EVERYBODY'S daily routine to assist in the healing that is so desperately needed within our society and we have developed products to reflect this belief. 

Our products help nurture people's desire to improve physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually on a daily basis.

By simplifying your skincare routine to one of our bar soaps and one of our body butters, you not only enhance your life with nature's ingredients, but you can also eliminate HUNDREDS OF CHEMICALS from your daily diet. Yes, that's right, DIET. Your skin is your largest organ and it eats everything you put on it. Give it nutrients, not chemicals. 

Our soaps can be used on the face, body and even hair. Follow up your hair washing with a simple apple cider vinegar rinse with cool water and you have now just eliminated hundreds more chemicals from your hair care routine. Simple changes that can be made daily start right here with Nefertem Naturals truly natural products.

Meet the Team

the-team.jpgThis is it. Just us! ..and three children to keep us extra busy. Together my husband and I have been working on developing this company over many years. While I was busy formulating the products, he pinned down our vision, direction and purpose. We have submerged ourselves into learning everything we can about business and the power of nature. We strive to make changes in our personal life that reflect our desire to live in harmony with nature and commit to sharing this journey with all of you. 

Without knowing it, I (Brittany) have been preparing for this endeavor since I was a child playing with crystals and oils. At age 19, I received certification in Amma Bodywork Therapy, a Korean form of acupressure/massage which works to restore the balance of energy flow throughout the meridians of the body.  I am also certified in Aromatherapy blending I, II and III and am self-taught in the art of herbology and wholistic nutrition.

My husband Andre is the foundation and the rock in this business and family; always encouraging us to do better. He is an amazing student and teacher that gives his time and energy selflessly to others seeking understanding.

Together, we personally write every monthly newsletter, every word of our website and every social media post. We hand-make every product, wrap every soap and mail every order.  

After our first child was born with skin sensitivities, we tirelessly sought out products claiming their "all-natural" benefits, but came up short, so we started making our own products. Then as we began sharing our products with others, they encouraged us to make more. Over time, we established our company and in 2012 officially launched Soulstice Soaps, which has now evolved into Nefertem Naturals. 


What is "Nefertem"?

Nefertem is the God of Beautification (Cosmetics), the Healing Arts and Aromatherapy (Perfume) according to advanced civilizations found along the Nile river thousands of years ago. The story of Nefertem is vast and varied as the history of him comes from so long ago.

nefertem naturalsAncient Nile Valley spirituality notes that in the beginning there was Ra (the sun God) and the great waters (Nun). At the break of civilization, the seed of a blue water lily took root in the mud below the great waters and began to grow a strong stem through the waters. When the time was right, a flower bud began to emerge in unison with the rising sun. As it opened, a young man was found crouched inside -- Nefertem.

Nefertem symbolizes the rebirth of order and life on a daily basis.

In nature, as the sun rises, the blue water lily (also known as the blue lotus) opens out of muddy water clean and refreshed. As the sun sets, the flower closes again into the murkiness. As night falls, (I'm sure you could find an example of this in your life) chaos becomes the governing force, but as the day breaks, order is restored.

Nefertem symbolizes the idea that every day we have the opportunity to wake up and do better than we did the day before. This ability to choose our path everyday is what makes us humans Gods.

using natural ingredientsTo our family, Nefertem also symbolizes the connection we have with nature.

Humans have evolved alongside plants for millions of years.

So naturally, we have plenty to offer plants and plants have plenty to offer us. The balance between us is likened to that of the Yin and the Yang - a duality, a balance, a harmony, a reciprocity.

We are confident that the more we learn about the use of nature's gifts and the more ways we can find to apply that knowledge into our everyday routine, the better we will feel and the better the whole world will be.

We may be idealistic but hey, "where there is no vision, the people will parrish".

We want to extend a massive THANK YOU to all of our faithful customers. We appreciate that you value what we do and how we do it and hope to provide you with the kind of quality products you and your family need for many years to come.





Nefertem Naturals™

"Bringing the Power of Nature into Daily Routine."™





Our Mission

Our mission is to bring forth the power of nature into everyday routine.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop quality products that allow people to harness the goodness of nature on a daily basis through the use of responsibly-harvested herbs, therapeutic-grade essential oils and humanely-raised animal products.