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Benefits of natural soap

The benefits of natural soap are plenty. 

Natural soap is far different from commercially-made soaps or store bought soaps in that they contain glycerin, no harsh chemicals and no artificial fragrance oils. 

Natural bar soaps have to undergo a process of chemical restructuring called "saponification". During the process of saponification, the oils or fats and lye combine to create a substance that is considered a salt of a fatty acid. A biproduct of this process is glycerin. Glycerin is a natural humectant, meaning it pulls moisture from the surrounding air and draws it to it. 

One of the benefits of natural soap is the integrity of the glycerin. Most handmade soap makers leave all the glycerin in the soaps, as opposed to commercially-made soap makers that typically remove the glycerin and sell it in more profitable products such as lotions, lubricants and most recently, e-cigarettes. 

By allowig the glycerin to remain unadulterated in the soap, natural bar soap takes on a very moisturizing quality. Of course, all soap will strip your skin of oils. That is sort of how it works so well. However, if the glycerin is left inside the soap, this glycerin will be absorbed into your skin during bathing, and will remain even when the soap rinses away your skin's oils. 

Then, throughout the day, the glycerin in your skin will pull the moisture deep down into the layers of your skin, thus providing moisture throughout the day. Now, match that with the tallow oil we use in our soaps and you have one recipe for good skin fast. Not that we could make any claims, but listen to what one of our customer's has to say:

"I have tried everything from the purest, all natural and mind you, expensive store bought soaps to the harshest, chemically-laden soaps actually prescribed by my doctor and I was still experiencing serious acne all over my face. I tried leaving my face alone for an entire month, not washing it or moisturizing it except for a rinse during my shower. That didn't help. I tried washing my face twice a day and using the most expensive creams and cleansers I could find. That didn't help. I was so frustrated. Then, my friend invited me to a holistic festival in Northern Colorado and that is where I found Soulstice. The soap maker explained how certain essential oils are known to improve the condition of a person's skin and she recommended the TLC soap. I have been using the soap for the last 2 months and I haven't had a breakout in over 5 weeks. I follow up with plain grapeseed oil and am so impressed with the results. I am absolutely in love with soulstice natural bar soaps. They are the best!"

 Our soaps yield a rich, creamy, moisturizing
lather that is high in vitamins, antioxidants
and bioavailable nutrients that nourish
your skin from the outisde in!

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