French Green Clay - From Traditional Medicine to Modern Skincare

French Green Clay

green-clay-in-one-bowl-cropped.jpgGreen Clay, also known as French Green Clay, Montmorillonite Clay and Illite Clay has been used by ancient civilizations along the Nile River in cosmetics, soaps and in traditional healing remedies.

This clay has been found to treat a variety of skin disorders and digestive problems. What's amazing is that it has no known adverse effects on humans or the environment. In fact, it has been successfully employed to remove toxins from industrial wastewaters (1).

Green Clay was also enjoyed by the Greeks and Romans who used clay in many traditional therapies. In more recent history, France enjoyed a virtual monopoly on its production after discovering a bright green version of the clay at rock quarries in Southern France. This Green Clay was mined exclusively in France until recently when similar deposits were located in Montana, Wyoming and China.

What is Green Clay?

Clay, in general, is the main component in soil and makes up to 40% of common rocks. French green clay specifically belongs to a subcategory of clay minerals known as Illite clays. These clays contain essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese and zinc that nourish the skin and remove toxins from the body.

Green clay gets its color from both the iron oxide content (typically between 4-6%) and decomposed plant matter including kelp seaweed. It is this very plant matter that not only helps to give it a bright green hue, but also its rich variety of minerals.

How is it Used?

green-clay-mask.jpgBecause of the high mineral content, green clay is the single most used clay by estheticians during facials to improve the appearance of skin.

It has also been extensively researched for the prevention and treatment of many bacterial and infectious diseases because of its natural antibiotic behavior.

When applied externally, clay works “to adsorb toxins from skin and provide heat to stimulate circulation”. (2) It also works by sloughing off dead skin cells, dirt and oil from the outer most layer of skin, the epidermis.

French Green Clay is said to restore the balance of minerals in and on your body by adsorbing excess minerals and depositing lost minerals. As your skin dries, it can cause the pores to tighten and the skin to feel firmer.

Green clay is also used internally by drinking a teaspoon of clay in 8 ounces of water. It is claimed that green clay absorbs toxins from the stomach and intestines and can even relieve sore throats.

But please do your research and/or talk to a trained holistic practitioner before taking caly internally. Just because an ingredient is natural, doesn't mean it can't be dangerous if used improperly.

Green Clay as an ancient healing Remedy

green-clay-in-bowls.jpgOur African, Chinese and European ancestors regularly used green clay in the healing of wounds, treatment of internal dis-eases and prevention of skin deterioration.

Numerous historical accounts attribute clays as remedy for ulcers, tumors, cysts, cancers, osteoporosis and many more.

Recently, a group of Italian researchers reported the antibacterial effects of clays as powerful in the prevention of umbilical stump infection in newborns. The clay actually performed superior to lab-created antibiotics, colloidal silver and fuchine (3).

Green Clay in Soap – A total body spa experience


Our Morning Clarity Bar soap combines the nourishing traits of grass fed beef tallow with the cleansing properties of French Green Clay.

With a scent vibrant in lemongrass and rooted in vetiver, this soap is a true aromatherapy experience. Sneak away to your spa…aka shower… and enjoy how the mineral-rich clay works to draw impurities from your skin, slough away dead skin cells and replenish lost minerals.

This gentle yet effective soap can be used on the face and body daily. Follow up with one of our tallow body butters that blends the restorative powers of African shea butter, moringa oil, tamanu oil and triple-purified beef tallow for a simple, all natural, tallow skincare routine.

Our products are designed to bring the power of nature into your daily routine. Simple. Effective. Tallow skincare.



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