Local Area Order Pick Up




Next Pick Up: New Lenox Library Friday June 23rd at 10:30am! - Call or text 970-305-2419 Today to Place Your Order for Pick Up!

We are trying something new! This summer we will arrange for a local area pick up at a rotating public location of our choice. The date, time window and exact location will be announced each month in our Monthly Newsletter, on Facebook and Instagram. If you live near Northeast Illinois and want to order, text or call 970-305-2419, send an email or message me on Facebook/Instagram before the pick-up date to place your order. Then, pay with credit/debit card or cash when you pick up your goodies. Simple, easy and avoids shipping costs! Full details below...

At this time, we do not accept local pick up from our home address, but still wanted to be able to offer our amazing customers the opportunity to pick up soaps and body butters directly from us face-to-face...or hand-to-hand some folks call it.

This allows us to stay in contact with all of you. It also solves the problem of ordering body butter during the hot months when we stop all body butter shipping. It prevents both of us from having to incur shipping costs, saves on shipping/packing material waste and allows you to pay with cold hard cash of you’re a no-card kind of type.

We think it’s a great idea and we hope it’s helpful to you. If this type of arrangement works well this summer, we may extend the pick-up option year-round moving forward.

How it works…

Once you read the newsletter, Facebook post or Instagram post, send me an email or a Facebook/Instagram message with your order details. Please include your name, phone number, email address, quantity and name of items (visit website for product names). You can also call or text your order to 970-305-2419. You will get me, Brittany, directly.

I will respond to confirm the details of the order. Then, we put it in our schedules to be there and that’s it. You will have the ability to pay with cash, credit card or debit card upon arrival. The body butters will be kept cool and will be just fine for the car ride home. When you do make it home, I suggest keeping them between 60-80°F (inside the home, on the counter, out of direct sunlight is best).

The general location of local pick-up will always be in the northeast part of Illinois, near to where we live and possibly a few locations in Wisconsin. Possible area pick-up locations are Homewood, Orland Park, Bolingbrook, Lombard, Schaumburg and Skokie. If you know you’ll be interested and have a location in mind, please email me so we can consider it.

I will be available at whichever location has been designated for one hour to provide enough time for everyone to arrive. Please understand there are many schedules to modify to make this work so we are not able to honor specific time requests. We appreciate your understanding of this and your prompt arrival.

I currently have a green, Mercury Villager van with our company name in the back windows. When I provide the exact location in our monthly newsletter, on Facebook and on Instagram, I will be as precise as I can be. I will describe the area of the parking lot I will be in and any landmarks I can give to avoid any confusion. I will request basic vehicle information upon ordering so I can spot you as well. I will also have my phone with me, available to answer immediately should you need me to jump around flailing my arms so you can find me...hehe... It’ll be great fun!

There you have it, all the details of our local area pick up so you can get your hands on some of the finest grass fed tallow soaps and tallow body butters around! As we are always thinking, working, reflecting, then tweaking as we grow, the details of the arrangement may change. We will notify our monthly newsletter subscribers, Facebook fans and Instagram followers immediately if any changes do occur.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve you! I think this is going to be great and I hope you do too!