Transform Tallow Body Butter


Transform Tallow Body Butter

Luxurious Artisan Body Butter
made with Organic Oils and Grass-fed Beef Tallow

Net Weight 3.40 ounces

**Please see important DETAILS below concerning shipping body butters during the hot months from May-Oct**

Best Used as a Daily Moisturizer!

Our Transform Tallow Body Butter was developed to hydrate dry, cracked skin while allowing the vital essences of the powerful botanicals to absorb deep into your skin. This tallow body butter does not create a harmful barrier on your skin as does many petroleum-based lotions in today's marketplace. Rather, it contains ingredients similar to our own skin's oil, known to improve radiance and glow almost immediately.

This natural moisturizer is very concentrated and can last a long time. It can be used on the whole body, including the face as the ingredients are not known to clog the pores. Within 5-10 minutes, the oils will absorb deep into the layers of your skin, leaving no greasy feeling, just pure, clean moisture that will last all day. Because the ingredients in this body butter are the least refined and purest form possible, your skin will enjoy the rich blend of essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins intended by nature and not commonly found in modern day skin care.

Please research the individual ingredients to see what benefits they offer as the FDA will not allow any claims. Educate yourself! Helichrysum, Lavender, Vetiver, and more...


  • Triple-Purified (by us) Grass fed tallow
  • Unrefined Grade A Organic Shea Butter
  • Golden Organic Jojoba oil
  • Virgin Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil
  • Yellow Beeswax
  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil
  • Organic Orange Essential Oil
  • Organic Vetiver Essential Oil
  • Organic German Chamomile Essential Oil
  • Organic Helichrysum Essential Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil (soy-based and gluten-free)
  • Positive Intention (100% Pure)

**Details** - Our body butters are heat sensitive and can easily melt in warmer temperatures. We strongly recommend choosing FedEx 2 Day Shipping during checkout and adding a cold shipping kit to your order (purchase here) to minimize the risk of your order melting. We also recommend shipping to a location where someone can quickly bring the package inside the home (example work address instead of home). We cannot be held responsible for melted body butters so please, order at your own risk during the summer. **


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Nefertem Naturals™ offers natural products that bring the power of nature into daily routine. Our products are carefully handcrafted in small batches using the finest ingredients possible that are primarily organic, but if organic is unavailable to us, ethically wild-harvested, fair-trade or locally sourced.

We love what we do and hope you can appreciate the time and energy we put into every detail of our work from our research into the highest quality ingredients to our hand-wrapped packaging -- we even hand-render our grass fed tallow ourselves! Learn more about us. 

Though our products don't promise to change the world, our products and how we make them, symbolize the change we wish to see in the world. Thank you for choosing to support our small, family business. We appreciate you!

Body Butter Beads

From time to time, if exposed to temperature changes, our body butters may develop little beads from the natural behavior of the unrefined shea butter. As we all know, Mother Nature will do as she pleases and we are not willing to risk your health by adding chemicals, synthetic stabilizers or emulsifiers just to prevent this natural reaction. Shea Butter is a finicky little ingredient but one of the best ingredients for the skin (along with grass-fed beef tallow) so we won't formulate our body butters without out it! If your body butter gets beady, simply rub the cream in between your hands to melt and enjoy as usual. 

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Product Reviews

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Very restoring moisturizer
Written by Beatrice on 11th Aug 2017

This moisturizer is very restoring to the skin. I use it twice daily all over my body after my showers. I do a lot of swimming in chlorine so it is next to impossible to stay moist throughout the day. But with this moisturizer, my skin looks and feels great throughout the day. I no longer get dry cracked skin with this moisturizer. It is the most wonderful product I have tried in years.

If you have a skin problem, I'm sure it would help you too
Written by Peter on 10th Aug 2017

The transform body butter has helped my skin so much I am speechless. I put it on as soon as I received my order and felt it soothing my skin right away. It is very relaxing to my skin. It smells wonderful, not like those putrid steroid creams I have gotten before from the doctor. This one smells like healing. I have suffered from psoriasis for years and hadn't found anything to work for long periods of time. I have now been using this body butter for over 6 months and my skin patches are consistenly going away and do not itch anymore. If you have a skin problem, I'm sure it would help you too.

Healed my eczema in 2 weeks!
Written by Cherish on 28th Jul 2017

I can't stop talking about how great this cream is. I have been dealing with eczema for years now and couldn't find anything to work. My sister actually bought me my first jar and I was VERY reluctant to try it. If you have eczema you know what I'm talking about, anything can give you a flair up and trying new things isn't exactly my thing. I had just had a pretty bad break out recently and was basically desperate. Anyways, I put it on and within just a few minutes I could already feel it soothing my skin. I could NOT believe it. I put it on again that evening before bed and put gloves over my hands (to prevent scratching in my sleep) like I normally do and when I woke up in the morning I could visibly see a difference. My skin was starting to fuse together where it had been broken apart before. I carefully watched it over the next 2 weeks and I am happy to report that my eczema COMPLETELY cleared up! I have told everyone I know about this product and am so happy I found it. And if you suffer from eczema, you will be too!

Luxurious butter
Written by Marina on 8th May 2017

I love the feel and smell of this luxuries butter. The feel and smell are amazing. Will definitely buy again

Transform Tallow Butter
Written by Nancy Smith on 17th Dec 2016

This feels so great on my dry flaky skin , I use it every day. And my skin is no longer dry or flaky. I even apply ti on my hands where my skin likes to crack around my nails.

Miracle Butter
Written by Grace on 19th Nov 2016

I love this product. My granddaughter and I were out of town at our family reunion in Mississippi. She has eczema pretty bad, and a lot of playing outside and different things doesn't wOrkney for her. She had a horrible break out whole playing in the grass. Lucky for me Brittany was there with her products. I tried the Transform Tallow Body Butter on my granddaughter's skin. Her skin cleared up in 2 days! I purchase this product often, let just say I always have it on hand and use it on her daily. I the product at her mom and dad's house too!