100% natural, luxurious, artisan skincare made with grass fed beef tallow (hand-rendered by us), organic plant oils and therapeutic-grade essential oils. Specifically formulated with antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids to hydrate and nourish your delicate skin.

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Scientifically proven to enhance your mood, elevate the senses and calm the mind, pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, like the ones we use in all our products, can be life changing!


We work with a small family ranch who raises their cattle the old-fashioned way: without human interruption, on green grass, with NO hormones or steroids.


Using essential oils, herbs and minerals every day can help us reconnect with our natural surroundings. By infusing our cells with positive intention, purified water and the power of nature, we can take part in a beautiful, global transformation.


To bring the power of nature into daily routine.™

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Will tallow skincare stink?

Absolutely not! Or at least, ours doesn't. Because we render our tallow in-house, we can be sure it is done right. After simmering on low heat to loosen up the liquid gold (tallow), we strain it through progressively finer filters a total of 3 times. This minimizes any microscopic particles in the tallow that can cause odor in some tallow. We then freeze the grass fed tallow and only grab what we…

5 Benefits of Helichrysum

Helichrysum, also known as everlasting, immortelle and H. italcum is a strongly aromatic shrub with a woody base and long stems. The plant produces little golden flowers that resemble the sun and grows wild throughout South Africa, Madagascar and the Mediterranean. Approximately 500 species of helichrysum exist in the world but just a few produce enough essential oil to be distilled. This…

Orange Spots on Soap

THAT SOAP'S NOT ROTTEN, IT'S FULL OF MINERALS! Unlike spots on an old avocado, orange spots on soap should not alarm you. In fact, it should be quite reassuring that they are no more than a natural result of having a mineral-rich bar of soap that has not been treated with artificial preservatives or colorants. LET ME EXPLAIN... Orange spots are extremely common and incred…

Why Handmade Matters

I recently received an email forwarded to me by my husband, written by Donna Marie of Indie Business Network. It was so moving I had tears in my eyes as I finished reading it.  In a world where mass produced products are the "norm" and small businesses like ours struggle to compete, it's refreshing to be reminded about why handmade matters. Please enjoy..... "We live in a world wher…