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Will tallow skincare stink?



Absolutely not...ok, with that said, the tallow must have been properly rendered and still fresh to avoid a strong beefy scent. Tallow skincare that contains pure, highly filtered grass fed beef tallow should not have a strong scent. If yours does, contact the company you ordered from and let them know. If the tallow was properly rendered and is still fresh it should not have a strong beefy scent. Tallow is shelf stable for up to one year and will stay fresh in a refrigerator up to two years, so if you come across a strongly scented tallow, check the expiration date. Also, tallow that has not been properly rendered or purified completely will tend to have a strong beef scent. Our products do not have a strong beef scent. In fact, many customer have responded back with rave reviews on how they do not smell ANY type of tallow scent. As we take pride in our rendering process, which we do in-house, we make sure that every batch of tallow is rendered to the highest standards. We literally simmer, strain/purify and chill 3 times to ensure the utmost clarity. We progressively filter our grass fed tallow until no sign of any impurity remains. So, will tallow skincare stink? We can't speak for any other company, but we CAN speak for ourselves and our tallow skincare, most certainly, will not. But don't take our word for it, try some grass fed tallow skincare for yourself today. 


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Nefertem Naturals Now On Twitter

Well, that didn't take 4 years! I'll be honest, keeping up with social media is kind of challenging when I'm always in the kitchen making, trimming, stamping or wrapping our soap. However, I have decided to buckle down and commit to twice a week all social media. Maybe you can join me in this sure-to-be-entertaining [...]

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Nefertem Naturals is still in transition

Whew.....Hey, moving a grass fed tallow soap company is no joke! When I say this journey across country has been a challenging one, I'm not telling a lie. The best thing about the move was having my family with me and the Universe on our side. It's funny how all the planning in the world [...]

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Now on Google Plus Pages

Visit this link to view our Google Plus Page and select "Follow" to get insider sales and new product releases. If you have the time, we would really appreciate a review as well. Thanks!!google.com/+Nefertemnaturals13

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